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Stuart an' his guidwife bobbie decided tae start up a wee business bakin' it ay their haem in nanoose bay, bc. since th' openin' ay th' advert bakery stuart an' bobbie will be providin' their british baked goods tae local fairmers markets an' specialty shaps.


Stuart carsweel grew up in a wee toon called kirkcudbrecht in soothwestern scootlund. he started it as a p.e. teacher an' 'en changed careers in 1999 tae pursued his passion ay cookin'. since 'en he has worked in a variety ay different restaurants. th' lest restaurant stuart worked in afair immigratin' tae vancoover islain was urban angel in Auld Reekie. while executife chef thaur frae 2004-2006 th' restaurant won a list ay awards.
Bobbie williams is a local lassie fa grew up in qualicum beach. in 'er twenties bobbie ventured athwart th' pond tae scootlund tae wark an' explair. while workin' at oloroso a restaurant in Auld Reekie Bobbie mit stuart. she speart stuart it fur lunch an' it was an instant match. they spent anither fife years in Auld Reekie an' 'en Bobbie imported 'er guidman tae vancoover islain. ​
Th' expansion ay th' business first started in 2009 wi' th' addition ay Thistle their dochter. shortly efter Nancy (Bobbie's mom) moved in tae their brammer haem an' becam chief packager. thee years later in 2012, th' final addition tae th' fowk business, Hamish th' handsome gent. Thistle is aye eager tae shaur a sample ay 'er faithers bakin'. while Hamish attracts th' bairn lovers.
Stuart and his wife Bobbie decided to start up a small business
baking out of their home in Nanoose Bay, BC.  Since the opening
of the commercial bakery Stuart and Bobbie provide
their British baked goods to local Farmers Markets and specialty
shops.  ​
Stuart Carswell grew up in a small town called Kirkcudbright in southwestern Scotland.  He started out as a P.E. teacher and then changed careers in 1999 to pursued his passion of cooking.   Since then he has worked in a variety of different restaurants.  The last restaurant Stuart worked in before immigrating to Vancouver Island was Urban Angel in Edinburgh.  While executive chef there from 2004-2006 the restaurant won a list of awards.
Bobbie Williams is a local girl who grew up in Qualicum Beach.  In her twenties Bobbie ventured across the pond to Scotland to work and explore.  While working at Oloroso a restaurant in Edinburgh Bobbie met Stuart.  She asked Stuart out for lunch and it was an instant match.  They spent another five years in Edinburgh and then Bobbie imported her husband to Vancouver Island.
The expansion of the business first started in 2009 with the addition of Thistle their daughter.  Shortly after Nancy (Bobbie's Mom) moved in to their lovely home and became Chief Packager.  Three years later in 2012, the final addition to the family business, Hamish the Handsome Gent.  Thistle is always eager to share a sample of her fathers baking.  While Hamish attracts the baby lovers.



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